VONG Sokhal - Chairman at Indication Plus
VONG Sokhal

Sokhal, graduated his Master Degree since 1999 from Asian Institute of Technology, THAILAND, and appointing as Chairman of Indication Plus Platform, powered by VTrust Appraisal collaborated with Credit Bureau of Cambodia (CBC). Recently, he is appointed as Advisor to Royal Government of CAMBODIA, equalized to the Secretary of States. Sokhal had more than 25 years in finance and banking sector and as one of the senior executive role of various areas in retail banking, SME banking, channels and digital banking in commercial banks. Sokhal is recognized as the lead in the business transformation and START-UP members in few banks and also led on the merger and acquisition (M&A) between MFI and commercial bank in CAMBODIA. Indeed, Sokhal has been appointed and sharing his leadership experience and skills in directoship and chairmanship role in banking, insurance, real estate and other consulting firms.