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There are three levels of access

The web-platform is designed and conceived for corporations and enterprises, keeping in mind the structural architecture of any company. Hence each level of management has access to different information




This is the top-level management, ei. the CEO, CFO, chairmen and so forth. They have access to absolutely every property in their corporation (bank or agency). They can view, share or print any property details within their organization. They can isolate their best performers, their best branhes etc…   



middle MANAGEMENT or branch managers

This level is destined to the middle management or more likely the branch managers or departments. They have only access to data related to their department or branch. They can only view the properties within their districts. 



the agent or officer

This is the entry-level, usually the bak officer or the real estate agent. He or she can only view and print their respective properties. They can view statistics pertaining to their activity only. They can enter new properties at any time or delete some too. They have no access to other agent’s properties.  

financial institutions (FI)

All financial institutions – FI – must first go through CBC to create accounts, for any levels.