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The MOU Signing Ceremony between Indication Plus and Zillion United Co., Ltd.

On 24 Jan 2022, Indication Plus and Zillion United held the MOU signing ceremony for the enhancement and advance of the valuation services in the real estate sector. For this cooperation, Indication Plus and Zillion United signed on a Partnership Agreement for real estate valuation services, through Indication Plus  Platform which is the digital platform for requesting reports in a quick and reliable manner.

In the ceremony, Mr. SOKHAL VONG, the Chairman of Indication Plus and Oknha KANG SOTHY, the Chairman of Zillion United Co, Ltd. and CEO of Century 21 Land Station will be able to achieve more possibilities in order to gain new experiences with advanced technology platforms as well as make property valuation to be easier, faster and more secure due to the modern development. Indication Plus will keep pursuing a high standard of service in the field of real estate evaluation for a wide variety of users.

This MoU enables Indication Plus to expand the business and the trust, and will also give more security, and more completeness for Indication Plus Platform, especially providing the Real Estate Calculator Digital for Public Users and Partner Banks with technology of digital and data analysis to inspect and monitor the property evaluation.