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Indication Plus is an application that provides the value of any property in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This report is developed through a digital platform that is clear, fast and reliable.

Our achievements

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Since we initiated this long-term project, back in 2012, we have collected and inidcated over a 100 thousand properties, throughout

Team Members
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We have been hiring and training more than 140 collaborators, who have the mission to collect data on the field, to comfort or alter the figures

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In the past 5 years, we have received nearly half a million requests through our web platform, coming entirely from Financial Institutions and Real Estate brokers.

Strategic partners

Credit Bureau Cambodia  (CDC) is our exclusive partner to offer Indication Plus service to all Financial Institutions (160+ members) through their channels.

Century 21 Zillion Holding is our strategic real-estate partners with more than 3800 real estate agents throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia.

ACLEDA Bank is our prime strategic partner with more than 200 branches nationwide. They have been a very valuable in providing feedback and suggestive ideas.

key features


The Re-Indication Plus helps the clients in term of updating their property value at a specific time set in the future

Real Estate professionals


The dashboard gives the user (of any level) a comprehensive overview of the activities. The control of the cases performance and all related information are within the view on the dashboard.

Property Listing

On one screen, you can view and review all the properties incombent to your user’s credential. You can sort and filter the listing.

Property map

Easily and conviniently visualize all the properies on a map.

User management

The webplatform gives the Level 1 Administrator the ability to create, manage and delete users within his organization. There are three (3) different user levels developed to facilitate the segregation of the work in term of control and privacy of our clients, especially for the Financial Institutions.

Exclusive user

Important Note

The desktop application is only available through partnership, Vtrust Appraisal welcomes requests from corporations and their employees or staff members (called “indicators”). Moreover, for banks and financial institutions, the request must go through the Cambodian Credit Bureau – CDC.


There are different kinds of financial institutions, each providinga specific type of services from mortgage loans to investments and each requires, at some point or another, a valuable and trusted valuation on a property. whether to estimate a loan or to financially assess collateral. Our application offers a perfect solution.


Any broker and agent know that appraising a product is the key to success. Obtaining a realistic market price, in a timely manner, for a property allows agents to better anticipate and negotiate their catalog. Indication Plus gives broker a powerful tool in their day-to-day activities of buying and selling.

Property Valuation Report


Our program produces an “indication report”, a shorter and more condensed valuation report. The “opinion” of the property value is formed based on the Market Value at a specific date without conducting any physical site inspection.


Our report is issued basing on the standard valuation method, reliable Database and information provided by clients. The estimated property value above, which could be used for the credit assessment and other purposes would be changing according to physical inspection and also market movement after the 6 months upon this report issuance.