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you are a professional

You are a professional in in the field of real estate, chances are, you are already eligible to be part of our community. Whether you are a Credit Officer looking to secure a loan or a Real Estate Agent looking to assess a particular property, Indication Plus is the ultimate solution for you!

We can assess and value a Real Estate good in a few minutes…  

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why Indication plus?

a simpler, faster and trusted alternative

You may be used to working with appraisal firms, like Vtrusts Appraisal, which will render an exhaustive report and audit on the value of your property, in a multipage document.  

Indication offers the same valuable service online, for a fraction of the cost and in a very swift manner. All the advantages of an appraisal without the cost and the wait.

Once you try our system, you will use it everyday


mobile application
The web-application of Indication Plus is a service destined to professionals only. A mini App for private owners will be released in the near future